ГРАНИЦА {BORDER} Bulgarian movie  English sub.  from

ГРАНИЦА {BORDER} Bulgarian movie English sub. from

Year: 2018
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0 seconds 720 Bulgarian movie For close to thirty years (between 1962-90) an electrified fence kept everyone out or locked inside Communist Bulgaria's borders. The soldiers patrolling the fence were ordered to shoot on sight anyone trying to brave the imposing fence (or "klion"). These oppressed guards lived under adverse physical and mental conditions. This realistic, violent French-Bulgarian drama chronicles the experience of a unit of guards stationed at a remote outpost during the 1970s. There the guards are helmed by a brutal, sadistic lieutenant who amuses himself at the expense of his men and their sanity. His favorite endeavors are trying to goad them into either shooting themselves or feeding themselves to the dogs. The cook for the group is also insane and loves to put eyeballs in their soup. To this grim outpost comes a new guard, called only The Handsome One. The others offer welcome by branding his buttocks with a red-hot poker. Later, he is tended to by the veteran guard Popa, who promptly gets the Handsome One blamed for a series of murders. After enduring many trials, Popa's stint is finally over. Just before he leaves, the Handsome One gets his revenge.Petar PopyourdanovPopa Marian VolevThe Handsome OneNaoum SchopovThe Lietenant Nicolai DuganovStoyenshki„Граница" е български игрален филм (драма) от 1994 година на режисьорите Христиан Ночев и Илиян Симеонов, по сценарий на Емил Тонев, Илиян Симеонов и Христиан Ночев. Оператор е Пламен Антонов. Музиката във филма е композирана от Теодосий Спасов. Художник е Георги Тодоров-Жози. Comments:
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